Going to be gone for a while

February 25, 2009 at 8:56 pm (Uncategorized)

I was just going to let anyone interested in my blog know that it might be a while before I post again. I am currently moving out and I am looking for a place to stay. I’ve been going back from my Grandmother’s, sister’s, and Father’s house until I find a place to rent. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon.

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Tarantino Can’t Spell

February 12, 2009 at 2:35 am (Film) (, , )


The  trailer for the next Tarantino directed tittle is now available on Yahoo Movies. Not only does Inglourious Basterds appear to have little respect for historical accuracy but the tittle isn’t even spelled right. Funny thing is I remember Tarantino stating in an interview the only two classes he consistently passed in school were History and English. LOL

The upcoming movie is about a covert group of U.S. soldiers known as the Bastards who are sent in to Nazi occupied France under the command of Brad Pitt. Their sole purpose is to well, fuck up some Nazis. There is a second storyline that focuses on a young Jewish woman (Melanie Laurent) who is seeking revenge against the Germans after her fathers death.

Even though this isn’t a faithful depiction of the war (something that really irks about many Hollywood war movies) I’m willing to give ol’ Quentin a shot. I’ve liked all of his previous movies. I know this one looks weird and a little corny but so did Kill Bill which I consider a masterpiece and Reservoir Dogs will always be one of my favorite films.

I got to give the man credit for being one of the few remaining people in Hollywood that are constantly trying to come up with new stuff instead of just rehashing the same old ideas. From just watching the trailer it’s hard to tell what this movie is really going to be about but it is definitely something different.

So will Basterds just be a bloody hack and slash shoot ’em up that delivers the guilty pleasure of watching Nazis die (seriously, they make great villains because no one with half a brain likes them and we like to see them die. I know I’m not the only sick mo-fo who enjoys gunning down Krauts in WWII video games or watching Nazi heads melt in Raiders of the Lost Arc ) or will it be a deeper film that makes some kind of statement about war? With QT at the helm, I’m betting on the former.

August 21 is a long time away but I’m hoping this movie will be good enough to wash the bad taste of the Bayformer sequel and G.I. Joe movies out of my mouth since their also slated for late Summer. Seriously, those pieces of shit are going to suck.

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Bond Director Helming Lantern, Awesome News!

February 6, 2009 at 5:10 am (Comics, Film) (, , , , )


Finally some more GL movie news! Apparently  Greg Berlanti, who co wrote the script for Green Lantern with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green, is no longer planning on sitting in the director’s chair.Variety is reporting that Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale and Goldeneye, is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct the upcoming Green Lantern motion picture. This is the man who saved the Bond franchise twice. I’m sure he would be up to the challenge of bringing GL to the big screen.

This is pretty sweet news and perhaps should reduce fears of WB putting this one on the back burner with their other DC properties. Mark my words, when Hal Jordan makes his big screen debut this movie will do for DC what last year’s Iron Man did for Marvel and we’ll start seeing multiple DC movies every year.

Besides a third Nolan Batfilm and the Avengers movie, I can’t think of any other proposed superhero movie I’m anticipating more. Not only will this be a retelling of the story of a comic book icon but it will also be a planet-hopping sci-fi adventure set in universe filled with space travel and alien races galore. What’s not to love?

I’ve recently read the leaked script and thought it was very good. It features a wide cast of characters from the comics including Sinestro, Hector Hammond, Abin Sur, Guy Gardner, Tomar-Re, Kilowog, Legion, and even Alan Scott. It did feel a little cliche at times and I had a major problem with an event that occurs in the third act but it was clear the intent of the writers was to tell an awesome origin story that would be both approved of and cherished by the fan community. Besides, this is an early draft so I’m sure some of my gripes could easily by omitted from the final version.

Now if we can just get some actors signed on we’ll be good to go.

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Red State Update on Batman VS Terminator

February 5, 2009 at 8:29 am (Film) (, , , )

Apparently it hasn’t taken long for the news of Bale’s angry reaction on the set of Terminator Salvation to get around the International Net-web or what ever the kids are calling it now-a-days. Don’t you love how we use our technology to deliver such important information. Anyways if you for some reason haven’t heard Bale’s wrath yet check it out.

Not only have we been treated to RevoLucian’s Remix but now the always great Red State Update is offering their rather insightful commentary on the whole ordeal.

Man I’ve been a fan of these two for a while now. Some of there video’s during last years election season really cracked me up. I guess I enjoy them even more due to the fact that I live in a red state and I’m surrounded by these brain-dead right-wing kind of people every where. You know, the kind of people who can barely speak English , they’re proud to be racist and homophobic, and they think Pres. Obama is an evil Muslim with plans to destroy the trailer park America way of life. The people you want to run up to and yell “FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH YOU?” or “WHAT DON’T YOU FUCKIN’ UNDERSTAND?”

And as for Terminator Salvation, I guarantee as soon as the movie comes out all the message boards will be flooded with people arguing over what was the most emotional scene that Bale was trying to accomplish before he was “distracted” and unleashed his rage. “Fuckin’ S.”

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Christian Bale Ready to Kick Ass Batman Style

February 3, 2009 at 7:23 pm (Film) (, )


TMZ.com has posted audio of what is supposedly Christian Bale verbally assaulting director of photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation. Apparently Bale was angered by Hurlburt performing distracting activities while the camera was rolling on an emotional scene. Click here to hear it for yourself.

Despite the fact that the New York Post questions the legitimacy of the audio an assistant director and associate producer on Terminator Salvation Bruce Franklin, confirms its authenticity at  E! News and says that Bale, who he has worked with before, is not the asshole that this would make him out to be. ” It was just a moment and it passed.” says Franklin. “It was the most emotional scene in the movie. And for him to get stopped in the middle of it. He is very intensely involved in his character.”

I can’t say I really blame Bale becuase it sounds like he had a reason to be upset. We all get mad at people at work and the set of a movie is a very intense workplace. I’m sure the two guys got over it. I laugh my ass off at how McG tries to calm the man down.

To top it all off What Would Tyler Durden Do? has posted the remix which is set to music by Los Angeles-based DJ RevoLucian.

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Superbowl XLIII: Best Commercials

February 2, 2009 at 7:08 am (Television) ()


Well the most watched annual televised event in America has come and gone with a Pittsburgh victory. (I was pulling for AZ damn it!) An enjoyable close game made even better with fancy expensive commercials and a top of the line half-time musical performance.
I thought I’d run through my favorite commercial that aired during this years big game. Even though I think recent Superbowls have been lacking in the number of awesome commercials there were still a few that stood out this year.

1. Star Trek: Trailer

Come on, I’m a hardcore Trekie. Could I possible even consider picking anything else as numero uno? Even though it showed very little new footage it was still enough to get me excited and take my mind off all the concerns I have with J.J. Abrams. Please don’t screw this up J.J! Please!

2. Doritos: Power of the Crunch

What’s not to love? It had a striped down hottie, a monkey, and a fucked up dark humor ending. ‘Nuff said.

3. Hulu: Alec and Huluwood

Anyone else addicted to Hulu? I watch more television shows on the Internet than on T.V. Who knew Hulu was an actual alien plot designed to zap our brains but to quote Alec, “I mean what are you gonna do, turn off your T.V. and your computer?” Yeah right lol.


Never actually thought of taking that expression literally until now.

5. Firestone: Taters

Way to go Mr. P! Too bad the nagging mouth you left behind will probably cause all the wild life to abandon that area and give the grass and trees a will to cease living so great they kill over. Some people think littering when your going down the highway doesn’t hurt anything but I know better.

6. Bridgestone: Hot Item

Nothing worst than getting jacked in the middle of a moonwalk. I know, it happened to me one time.

7. Cash4Gold.com: Heeere’s Money

Of course I’m not going to forget about my main man M.C. Hammer as he continues to resort to making fun of himself in order to maintain any kind of relevance in modern pop culture. It’s okay Hammer, I miss your glory days too.

8. Coke Zero: Mean Troy

A tribute to a classic ad that made our fathers want to drink coke back in the ’70s.

9.Cars.com: David Abernathy

It’s a real self esteem booster to know at 19 I could buy a car without crying like a little a bitch when this prodigy/genius/lady’s man/hero couldn’t do so. I never knew I was so special! 🙂

10. Denny’s: Thugs

Ever wonder what it would be like if Scorsese directed an advertisement for a a breakfast restaurant chain? I know I have… really.

11. Bud Light: Swedish

Nothing more American than watching football and making fun of other cultures over a nice cold beer. And I thought the Japanese were the only ones who forced our celebrities to perform ridiculous activities to promote a product. See Japander.com

12.Monsters vs. Aliens: Trailer

Wow 3D! It looks like 3D is making a come back and this seems like just the right kind of nostalgic movie to do it with. I’m not crazy about the character designs but as a fan of old 50’s science fiction I kind of have to see this. I would have put this higher on the list except the 3D effect wasn’t that impressive. Maybe the glasses that were given away at select retailers (does anyone know where the hell we were suppose to pick these up at. I sure didn’t see any.) are different than the ones I had. Yes, I keep 3D glasses around, I’m that cool, but the footage didn’t have much depth to it at all with my glasses.

13. Priceline.com: Negotiator

Maybe this doesn’t deserve to be on here since we’ve already seen it on the air a lot but everyone knows they love the Shat, or at least they love to see him make a fool out of himself. And he thinks people have taken him seriously as an actor, Ha Ha!

14. Cheetos: Chester the Cheetah

A tribute to anyone who enjoys being an asshole to people that just piss them off.

15. Bud Light: Meeting

Nothing like a little violence at the workplace to make someone want a beer. Perhaps this explains where this Wall Street bailout money is going.


Taco Bell: Overrated

What’s wrong with this guy? If I was going to give an award for the creepiest ad it is an ultra-safe bet this would be the winner.

Bayformers 2: Trailer

As a fan of all things Generation 1 Transformers I cannot approve of a sequel of 2007’s blasphemous stab in the heart of everyone who thinks adaptations should respect their source material. My hate and bias against this film franchise prohibits me from being able to put it in the top 15 list. That being said, It does a good job of showing what I’m sure built up anticipation in the sequel for those of us who don’t hate all things Michael Bay and it doesn’t give anything about the plot away. (probably because it doesn’t have one.)

G.I. Joe Trailer

Wow, this TV spot not only didn’t air but it wasn’t posted on Hulu’s Superbowl page. If I give props to the creepiest commercial and best advertisement of something I hate and wish never saw the light of day (seriously, I would prefer a world with no live action Transformers movies over having to coexist with Michael Bays big dump he took on my childhood) I might as well honor the best Superbowl commercial that wasn’t shown during the Superbowl. I’m not sure why it didn’t make the cut unless it was because someone figured out it sucked. Some people flipping down the street in black X-men rip-off uniforms, really? The only thing good about this trailer was seeing Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow getting down with some ninja action, which sadly will probably be the only good thing about the actual film.

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Awesome Watchmen Tribute!

January 29, 2009 at 4:14 am (Comics, Film)

Behold the final Watchmen poster

Behold the final Watchmen poster

With five weeks to go until Watchmen explodes onto the big screen excitement is building throughout comic fandom. I came across an awesome Youtube video put together by fellow fan Qstudios611 who edited some of the trailer footage and created something pretty cool. (Watch in High Quality.)

I think this was just as cool as any official trailer or montage and I should know becuase I’ve seen ’em all. I know the second song, “Clubbed to Death” (Kurayamino variation) by Rob D , has been way over used for the last decade after being popularized by The Matrix but what the hell, it really works here. Nice job man.

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8 Oscar Nominations for The Dark Knight

January 23, 2009 at 1:46 am (Comics, Film) (, , , )


Well Jan. 22 is finally here and so are the Academy Award nominations for 2008. The Dark Knight nabbed an incredible 8 nominations. As everyone expected Heath Ledger received a nomination for best supporting actor. The other seven nominations are for visual effects, sound editing, sound mixing, makeup, film editing, cinematography, and art direction.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed to see that The Dark Knight didn’t make the cut for best picture, directing, adapted screenplay, or original score but that’s okay. Any comic geek or movie buff with good taste knows that The Dark Knight pwned every other movie this year, nay, any movie ever made in the history of cinema!

And I should point out that today ironically also marks one year since the tragic and untimely passing of Heath Ledger. Rest in Peace buddy, we’re gonna remember you for a long time.

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Out with the old, in with the new

January 21, 2009 at 12:49 am (political) ()


The age of Obama has begun! Finally our country has a leader in the White House who isn’t a complete idiot war profiteering man-child. In fact, he’s a pretty bright guy with a whole lot of good ideas. I’m very proud to say that as of today Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.

The only bad thing about this is that the average I.Q. of my home state of Texas is about to drop 20 points when former President G.W. Bush (god that felt good to type former in front of that:) ) returns to his ranch in Crawford. Oh well, as long as I’m still in Texas that should keep the average I.Q. from getting to low. LOL. And BTW, I should point out that he was actually born in the state of Maine so people shouldn’t give us Texans all the blame for him.

But that’s enough about that clown. The sooner he’s forgotton the better. In case you missed Pres. Obama’s inauguration and first speech as Commander-In-Chief you can check it out here.

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Watchmen fued ended

January 16, 2009 at 6:43 am (Comics, Film) (, , , )


Fox and WB have settled their dispute over the upcoming film Watchmen outside of court. I can finally put away my fears that my most anticipated movie for ’09 won’t be delayed. Let’s all take a moment and celebrate, especialy if you happen to own stock in Fox.

God I hated those little Ewoks.

Any ways, Watchmen will be here on schedule March 6 and I will be at the theater opening day. The studios settled with terms agreed to outside of court. We don’t have all the details yet but Fox will get some cash up front and a box office percentage. They will not co-distribute or have any ownership of the property meaning we don’t have to worry about them having any kind of creative control of the final cut.

It sucks for WB that they will lose a lot of dough but at least they still get to release the movie on time. I bet from now on everyone in Hollywood will triple check everything when it comes to copy right procedures.

Hopefully all the publicity caused from this legal battle has generated more interest in the film and will get more people to go see it. We need this movie to make some money if we want to continue to see comic book properties adapted to the big screen so faithfully. Remember, the studios worry about money first, not critical review, not fanboy/girl approval. Tell everyone you know this is one of the few superhero flicks of 2009 so they need to get their asses in a seat at the movie house in March.

The Watchmen are coming! Spit venom on that Alan Moore.

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